The 2nd JOISS Ocean Science Big Data Contest
제2회 JOISS 해양과학 빅데이터 경진대회

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The 2nd JOISS Ocean Science Big Data Contest

The UN launched the ‘UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development’, they said, “The restoration of the ocean to protect mankind and prevent climate change is a great challenge and task. Our efforts to prevent biodiversity loss, the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and the Earth's sustainable development goals all depend on the sea." In line with this, we are holding the 『2nd JOISS Ocean Science Big Data Contest』 to discover ideas and visualized insights using ocean big data on changes in the ocean near Korea and the impact of the ocean on real life due to climate change.

    Contest title: The 2nd JOISS Ocean Science Big Data Contest
    Host and Organizer: Haebomdata Inc. & The Korean Society of Oceanography
    Sponsor: Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Korea research council Of Maritime Education

    *This contest has been approved as a UN Ocean Decade Activity.


    Activation of data-based marine literacy in middle and high schools

    Promoting the use of ‘Ocean Science Data Repository (JOISS)’ and open ocean data

    Revitalization of research and industry in the field of ocean big data